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tv   Local 10 News Sunday Morning 530AM  ABC  January 24, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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it's sunday january 24th. i'm neki mohan. >> todd: i'm todd tongen. hit heat seat heater. >> neki: hot buns? >> todd: yes, hot buns. >> neki: had imlofs and hat. >> todd: you looked like a bag lady. >> neki: designer bagady iemplet i love these temperatures. mie g morning to you dark and early out there. yes t is cold for us here in scht had is cd. when temperatures are dropping into the 40's. key westtill at 62 degrees. key west keep in mind you can drop into the 50s however a couple clouds still lingering over the lower keys keeping you warmer than the other areas. 57 degrees though in marathon and then we have the upper 40's. mid to upper 40s across broward and miami-dade. we can still drop a few degrees more through the next hour. d this is the temperature change the past 24 hours. check it it out.
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time than it was yesterday. so defininely a change here in south florida. we're waking up to maiaiy clear skies except for the lower keys and we'll continue to see winds out of the northwest. lighter for today. by the way, runners, get set and also, and also bundle up. now 6:00 a.m., miami marathon and half marathon starts.p runners most likely will be bundled up but it will feel good throughout run and through the morning hours is will stay cool. neki and todd. >> todd: all right jen. a winter call open make a mefts northeast and the srm is being blamed for many deaths as well. >> neki: new york virtually shut down and no more snowson the way. cheyenne malone has more on the devastating storm. >> r rorter: to might millions of americans are socked in from the crippling snow storm eye didn't expect to be sock odd in by snow disil a.
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patrol cars ch so much snow the plpls can't keep up. at the ver si shore roads flooding with chunks of ice floating by and water levels reaching 8 feet. >> chris chrisiie applauded people for heeding to the snow warning. this is our 17th emergency in six years so we know how to do this. >> reporter: in pits brerg. >> it's been one after the other another truck stalled and doesn't seem like with we're getting anywhere to be hon necessary snie and a long commute. many spent 15 hours in their cars for hours. >> we haven't had food since yesterday. >> reporter: and a tunnel bafnlt roads closed and no cars on the street. people walking down the middle. so far three people have died from the snow here bring the total to 18 related weather december deaths a crotsdd northeast.
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milan reporting. take a look at ts image. this is a shot from space. scot kelly tweeting out this picture from the space station. you can see the entire east coast blanketed by that blizzard. >> todd: and the massive storm has tripleled in cancellation ssmentsz and the president was affected by the snow storm storm on his air travel. and we here hear morabout the cancellations. >> reporter: some airports running on limited operations or shut down all together. and the ripple ee feblghts felt here in south florida. >> i tried to to go yesterday to my house. >> i didn't think the storm would be this bad. that's why i booked the flight to go to new jersey and this is where i'm at rite now. >> reporter: ralph letters forced to wait in l lg lines for
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choice but to wait the night. >> where are you sleeping? the 4th floor like every one else. the 4th floor now serving as a shelter of sorts for dozens of stranded travelers. >> last night it was full to the max. >> it's amazing. so many people. i haven't seen this manyeople in ar an airport ever. >> rose after rose of costs and pillows. some time pason the time sleeping while others can't rest eye can't sleep but i sit lightly. >> and even though the forecast is expected to ease up on sunday morning. the passengers we spoke to say they expect to be strand a couple more days. >> when is the earliest they told you you can fly out? >> tuesday. >> reporter: tuesday at 9:00 p.m. >> so this is home until then? yep snie and not even the vice president is immune to this travel.
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forced to make a lay over here in miami after that blizzard was fake airports inashington dc. he was going to be flying there from turkey but instead had to make a stop here in south florida where that snow isn't affecting much of anything. if you have going flying out of any of of south florida's airports to the northeast or elsewhere, make sure to check with with your airline first. reporting at miami international airport this morning liane morejon. local 10 news. >> neki: even in florida we got this snow. check out this videorom jacksonville. not much but a few flakes falling on that car. the temperatures weren't cold howf nowf make t snow stick to the ground but made for quite the site. now to the bizarre behavior in the courtroom. om a man ciewdz of shooting a miami gardens police officerment as bon was being set, the suspect rushed passed high profile shooting.
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>> we're calling now mr. david an draiz mejia. >> reporter: 24-year-old ma she a accused in the shooting of the police officer snapped at the judge after learning he will be given no bond. >> sir, these are nonbond able he offenses. >> there's a kid who shot a -- i get a bond. >> this iss my second amendment. my life was in danger by crooked cops. mejia mentioning the mass church shooting in carolina last year and in sin you ating he was the victimim i was in danger of my life when heheried to to kill me man. >> but he couldn't say how he was a threat as he sat in his car writing a report. mejia holding nothing back in thexchange despite urges by his public defender. >> how you don't talk. you worwith the klu klux klan member.
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your opportunity because he is here to represent you. >> i'm representing myself ma'am and a have a lawyer. >> you all have moore blood on my hands. what about my brother trayvon. the judge sending mejia back to his cell and making this comment. >> well, he is you know. >> he is mentally ill clearly. >> soma hee a's mental status may be a major question in this case. meanwhile officer david starling with the miami gardens police department remains here at the hospital and he is expected to make a full recovery. >> in aventura derrick shore. local 10 news. >> >> todd: now toy one and only exclusive. calls mounting for michelle martelly to resign. crowds took to the streets as a presidential run off was postponed again. glenna millerk berg is in port-au-prince with the latest
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>> and march tellly has to go. that's the new demand for the protest burning tires. hurling rocks, all thatt continued even after the the violence became the reason the election council can canceled the presidential run off. >> >> reporter: is that empowering the technique to continue? absolute not. it's time for the president do get out of the country before the 7th of february. >> reporter: the call toto the streets came from this video broadcast. at the table several losing presidential candidates now part of patch work opposition incision the elections were rigged in favor of michelle martelly's president. >> the protest continuing and the violence that goes with it at time is not con don't wit organizers. the fresh round of protest fill through the streets of port-au-prince as the
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united nation secretaryp general urged all sides to compromise on a plan and speed ti reset to the run off. >> todd: that was glenna milberg reporting. the run offset to take place today but called off indefinite limplet still unclear if martelly will leave office when his term ends on february 7th february 7th or retain power until a replacement is found. >> neki: still to come, the sal racing army lend age helping hand to those affected by the blast. >> todd: and they are helping out the homeless folks after the break. >> jennifer: and south florida we need to bundle up this morning especially if you're heading owl out for the rurntion the miami marathon. it begins in a couple minute. runners are probably on their marks and temperatures in the 040s now but could drop to the mid 40s by 6:00 a.m. all the details on the rest of the weekend forecast when rereturn.
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>> todd: with wem k078 back. the salvation army is helping the homeless find shelter during this weekend's cold snap. they are iewg 15th boulevard as a hub. the first 15 people sent there were sent to a homeless assistance center. the rest able to stay at the location. temperatures dipped into the the 40s over night. >> neki: back to the big story. the winter wallop gripping the nation.
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philadelphia. you can see the snow piling up there. many people stage inside and others digging out their car ouch and city workers making sure the the streets and sidewalks are clear whether the snow storm does pass. they have to start work on monday like every one else. check out the time lapse video of the snowfalling at the white house. it's how the president's lawn went from green to white over night blanketed from snow. joe biden from returning to washington from turkey. the flight was diverted here to miami. tonights president is expected to fly back once the weather clears. vice president if you're waving, welcome to miami. >> todd: yes. >> neki: enjoy the 40s >> todd: he is fly back from turkey and the east coast is socked in. where does he go? >> neki: miami. so many people here this weekend from the marathon all over the world and wondering what is going on. >> todd: they don't think they are in miami.
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runners are probably there on their mark and getting set to go. it starts at 6:00 a.m. so in about 16 minutes. neki and todd it's cold for us south flo florideans and so far we've had a warm winter. this is the coldest air it to arrive to south florida so far this season and nooubt about it. it january so far has been an active one too. but a big story today. it's the fact that temperatures have been down in the 40s and good luck to all the runners out there and enjoy the cool weather but bundle up and drink your water as you go and also by the pay wai temperatures won't rice that much through the rest of the run. temperatures 49 degrees in miami. we could drop a few degrees having cold air sweep down south. 57 degrees in marathon. 62 in key west. a lot of you guys wondering why in the 60s. a lot warmer in the the lower keys. that's because of the cloud
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clouds so o- to eventually pull way and it will be opportunity sunny once the sun is out for key west. those clouds right there does make an impact as fares as the temperaturesdying down to the 50 eachtk key west you could still reach that. heading out across the southeast high pressure building in across the yaiferlt this is providing for a lighter wind today as well as winds out of nortpwest. eventually winds turn out of northeast tomorrow. i do want to mention win chill advisory in effecfor us here in broward or miami-dade or monroe. tu but it is in effect in south florida where it feels cooler than the actual temperatures. as far as rainfall we're not expecting any today. just a few clouds and plenty of sunshine. here's a look at the temperatures right now across the sunshine state. 28 degrees inainesville and jacksonville. who had flurries yesterday. tallahassee also below freezing. 36 tampa.
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temperature change the past 24 hours has bee drastic across must state. ten to up to 18 degrees of a difference and then highs today will be getting only to 63 here in miami. so even the daytime will be much cooler than we've been seeing the past uple of days. it's pretty ti much the whole winter. smal craft advisory in effect. temperatures rebounding back to the0s starting tomorrow. neki and todd. >> neki: thanks a lot jennifer. coming up a man pledge ago lee against toy a judge. >> todd: the her rowing allegation that's enl- lead to na man's arrest just head. >> neki: with you first here's a look at your winning lottery numbers. good luck.
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>> neki: a kendall manccused of threatening to kill co workers is now facing charge as according to miami herald. 20 yeerd old do minute go torres brought a shotgun to kill his boss. he planned to carry out the attack while dressed ups the joker ch he they have called him on line do minute go cresd as a clowd d own with a large niecht he was granted a 20,000-dollar bond if he post that bond. le have to remain under house arrest.
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down in the city of miami and witnesses say a tractor trailer truck knocked down these fiber optic cables. the wires were still spreadd croots street last night. crews aim to have that issue cleared up some time today. >> >> neki: shocking news in the sheriff's comomnity. the president and ceo of broward hedge took his own life yesterday. he is 60-year-old na bill el sa na de. found dead in the condo biechghtd he was in 2014 he over saw all operations for one of the largest public health systems in the country. late last night broward health release leased this statement saying we are deeply sead loss. family. sports rap. the panthers plan to stay hot on
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>> neki: and the acc waits for us.
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>> good sunday morning i'm clay ferraro with the local 10 morning sports wravment the panthers taking on the red hot lightning and quha a second period for the cassments jonathan giving the lead at one to nothing. few minutes later nick making it
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ey are not done. -how about really smith sliding that into the net and then it's three to nothing. how about this by vincent. looping it i io the net? the panthers win it five to two. another impressive victory. >> we got to stay very, very positive. i need the bench that way. >> that's hurricanes basketball coach jim lara nay ga making sure his team was ready for wake forest. get the canes a three-point lead and later on it's angel rodriguez driving inside for two on his 14679 canes rolling this 77 to 53. next up hurricanes take on duke on monday night. as for the heat they get a couple nightsp off to hopefully get healthy. tyler johnson making the highlight real for the wrong reasons on m@nday night heat lost by 20 to the raptors. miami will play at chicago on
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sports wrap. >> neki: with the heat resting last night. the wade watches as they cake on the king. was the coaching debut of ta ron lieu whro took over for david blat on friday. nonothe way you want to start your coaching career. paul lobs it up for jimmy butler who slams it home. 83. >> todd: and football action today. the season nearly over. the match up for super bowl 50 will be set. first the afc matchp between denver broncos and new englgnd pay tree amounts of quarterback tom brady and hey payton manng going head to head for the the 17th time. meantime, the arizona cardinals make the trip to carolina to face off with the pan thesh. the cardinal elite defense will look to shut down cam knewson and high powered panthers offense. one thing is for shiewmp both
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>> jennifer: for us innouth florida this morning. it is chilly out there. temperatures have dropopd down to the 40s across broward and miami-dade. 55 degrees in marathon. 61 in key west. coldest air so far thihi season has arrived to s. more on the sunday pore for cast and the new week when weeturn. >> neki: head at 6:00, a winter wallop pounding the east coast. we'll tell when you the people in the atlantic can expect a break. >> todd: and runners take your mancht thousands lining up in the chilly weather for the the miami marathon.
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start comi cc1 test message >> neki: right now on local 10 news. a record breaking storm slammed the east coast. 18 people are cead. we'll tell you when they can expect a break from mother nature. >> todd: here in south florida we're feeling cold weather, cool weather for them and how long will it steak stik around? meteorologist jennifer correa has the answer. >> neki: and a man has an out bust when the judge read him his charges. >> todd: and laced up on their sneakers and a the miami marathon moments way. >> neki: you're looking live at start line. >> todd: that's right. live, the one and only local 10 news starts right now.
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morning? >> todd: yes.
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